We are at your service with advanced devices and experienced medical team. Medical developments are monitored regularly. All innovative diagnostic and treatment methods are offered here.

»Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Diseases   

*Neck-waist pains

*Neck-waist hernias

*Ankylosing Spondylitis

* Knee pains

*Shoulder pains 


*Osteoporosis(bone loss) 

» Neurological Rehabilitation:      

* Hemiplegia (stroke)

* Paraplegia

* Multiple Sclerosis

* Facial paralysis

* Nerve Injury

* Paralysis of Sonar

» Rehabilitation After Sports Injuries:

* Orthopedic Rehabilitation

* Hand Rehabilitation

* Broken, Meniscus Rehabilitation

* Muscle Strengthening

Thanks to the devices in our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit, the following diseases are treated and rehabilitated.

• Waist, leg, neck, arm and back aches

• Liming

• Rheumatic diseases and bone resorption

• Waist and neck hernia

• Nerve jams (trap neuropathies)

• Settlements

• Tendinitis

• Post-stroke rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery

• Treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases

• Rehabilitation of nerve injuries