Laboratory Tests


All clinical biochemistry, stool, body fluids and urine analysis are performed.

Many biochemical routine analyses are performed such as liver and kidney function tests, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood lipids such as HDL and LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, sugar loading tests, and enzymes.

Hormone tests such as thyroid, pregnancy and fertility and tumor markers can be revealed in less than two hours.In addition to that tests such as pituitary hormones, and tests screening for some genetic disorders for the unborn baby during second trimester (triple test) are responded.

Results of many tests such as blood count (22 parameters), tests evaluating blood clotting can be revealed in less than two hours in our laboratory.


In our microbiology department, indirect tests based on antigens can be carried out by direct or immuno-serological methods such as culture and antibiogram and identification, stool, urinary microscopies etc. related to microorganisms. In addition to those, we can give results to serological tests such as hepatitis markers and HIV on the same day.