1) Closing the open fractures 

2) Amputations (on small bones) 

3) Arthrodesis (except spinal arthrodesis)

4) Arthroscopic surgical interventions (including knee and shoulder operations in all joints) 

5) Arthrotomies (all bones)

6) Open reduction of dislocated limbs 

7) Closed reduction of dislocated limbs 

8) CHD Operations 

9) Closed Reduction and plaster changes of CHD 

10) Correction and manipulation of joint stiffness 

11) External fixator application (on all bones)

12) Removal of foreign bodies from extremities (including those in joints)

13) Relaxation operations

14) Habitual luxation and plastic surgery operations (on all joints)

15) Hygroma excision

16) Muscle surgeries (myotomies)

17) Bone biopsies 

18) Bone and soft tissue surgery

19) Open reduction of fractures and Osteosynthesis (on all bones) 

20) Closed Reduction of fractures 

21) Closed Reduction of fractured dislocations 

22) Corrective initiatives on congenital deformities

23) Osteomyelitis operations 

24)Removal of  osteosynthesis material and external fixators (from all bones) 

25) PEV casts

26) PEV surgeries

27) Removal of Implants

28) Pseudoarthrosis Repair (on all bones)

29) Nerve repair and grafts

30) Sinoviectomies

31)Synovial biopsies  

32) Tendon transfers, repairs, grafts and muscle operations (all extremities)

33) Ligament repair and reconstruction of all joints with ligament (all extremities) 

34) All hand surgeries (including microsurgery)

35) Extension surgeries (all bones)

36) Soft tissue and bone biopsies