Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy is defined as the treatment of diseases of main locomotor system with externally applied instruments that can affect the joints and soft tissues. The objective of physical therapy is to bring the patient to the most functional level by using physical therapy, exercise, training and other treatment examinations in cases of loss or decrease of bodily functions necessary for the person to continue his/her daily life as a result of diseases such as rheumatism or accidents. In this sense, physical therapy and rehabilitation should be considered as a whole in the treatment of the patient.

Methods Applied in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Hot Pack Treatment

These are silicate gel filled plastic or waterproof fabric bags. They are used in chronic sprains and injuries, fractures, sciatica, neuralgia, chronic cellulitis and rheumatic diseases.

Cold Pack Treatment

Cold treatment is one of the main treatment methods used in the treatment of sports injuries. Cold treatment should be applied within 48-72 hours after the injury. Blood flow decreases in the injured area with cold application.Therefore, bleeding and pain is reduced. Cold treatment should be performed until signs of swelling and bleeding disappear after all sports injuries or traumas.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation)

When used with low frequency and high current (mild to severe, but under the electrodes to move muscles), TENS activates the body’s pain control system in the brain.It increases the production of substances such as endorphin which is the body’s pain relief agent as well as blood circulation in the body.



They are devices that produce high frequency sound waves. Sound waves increase heat in deep tissues in this way veins in the region expand and nutrition and healing accelerate


It is the application of heated solid particles in a special thermostatic container to the patient with hot air..

Infrared Rays (IR)

The impact is made through radiation and light energy being transformed to heat energy on the skin. It is used to dissolve muscle spasm and soften the organized abscesses. Traction


It is a method of putting distance between spinal cords with the help of a special device. In addition, traction may correct waist pain inflicted by contraction of waist muscles.


Biofeedback is a valuable tool for ensuring voluntary control of muscle activation. It enlarges the myoelectric signals originating from the patient’s muscle and generates visual and auditory signals and converts them into an comprehensible structure. In this way, it is possible to train the weakened muscles and loosen the hyperactive muscles. EG Biofeedback immobilization is used for relieving muscle weakness caused by immobilization, joint surgery and contracture.


Magnetotherapy is a non-invasive treatment and a lifestyle that strengthens the body’s defense system, slows down cell destruction, accelerates cell regeneration, and thus improves the body’s self-healing. Magnetotherapy is a substantial treatment as the application area is quite wide, and also it is a natural method with no-side effects that is easily applied.


You should exercise to lose weight while maintaining a healthy body and general wellbeing.