Shock wave treatment, also called ESWT, is a pain-free alternative treatment method that is successfully used in cases requiring some surgical operation and physical therapy besides those requiring aesthetic operation.

What is ESWT?
ESWT is short for “Extracorporeal shock wave Therapy” or in short “Shock Wave Therapy”. 

ESWT creates strong shock waves within a short period of time (about 10ms), bypassing the sound barrier by producing energy waves faster than sound. These shock waves create high pressure in the area where it hits and create a vibration effect. This shock wave generates a hole in the area where it hits and creates negative pressure vibration bubbles. ESTW also works in the fat tissues so that it breaks down fat cells under the influence of negative pressure vibration along with cavitation effect.

Which treatments are eligible for shock wave/ESWT?


skin tightening,

stretch marks,

heel spurs,

golfer’s elbow,

tennis elbow,

shoulder arthritis

These can be healed successfully.

Can shock wave/ESWT treatment be applied to everyone?
Shock wave/ESWT treatment can’t be applied to pregnant women,  people with cardiac pace maker, cancer patients,  people with a history of joint and bone operation (platinum) and youngsters who have not completed their development.

Can shock wave/ESWT treatment be applied everywhere?
It cannot be applied to neck area,  or areas near the head and nerves.

ESWT in Heel Spur

Heel spurs caused by excessive strain on the base of the foot is a serious ailment that reduces the quality of life. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as weight problems, non-orthopedics or uncomfortable shoes, and physical problems in the foot. 

The solution of the problem is usually not standing on feet for a long time, use of sole support, physical-treatment exercises, but in very advanced cases biological treatments or surgical intervention is recommended.

Shock wave/ESWT treatment offers the patient a non-surgical, pain-free, non-cortisone treatment for heel spurs. After the application, the patient continues the daily life.

Number of Sessions 
Up to 2 sessions are performed in solid tissue applications and up to 3-4 sessions in the soft tissue.

Duration of Session and Intervals between Sessions 
20 to 30 minutes of sessions are applied with one week intervals.