The most common encountered dermatological issues are acne (pimples), deep – rooted problems (urticaria, pruritus), eczema, psoriasis, bacterial – viral – fungal – parasitic and sexually transmitted infections of the skin, oral diseases (mouth ulcer-tongue related diseases), hair diseases, nail problems (nail stinging, color and shape related disorders), skin tone related diseases (vitiligo, spots, freckles), callus, warts, beauty spots, benign and malignant skin tumors. 

Patients ‘ examinations, diagnosis and treatment are performed and if necessary, hospitalization.  In addition to that, skin biopsies, electrocauter applications, cryotherapy applications, in-lesion injections, allergy tests (patch and prick tests), chemical peeling (skin peeling), roller (micro-needle) application, Botox, fill, mesotherapy, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) application, Laser Hair Removal are other available options.