Our Quality Policy


Our principles

Being Scientific

Commitment to ethical values (reliability, friendly service with high tolerance, honesty, transparency...)

Quality service, customer satisfaction, respect for human rights

Team work; the management meets weekly to discuss the issues on the agenda, decisions are taken with a majority of votes, and is implemented unanimously.

At least three people receive 51% of the shares in our company.

Social Responsibility: Our partners voluntarily transfer at least 2.5% of their income to charity organizations (BOSEV foundation).

1/3 of the profit of our institutions is invested, 1/3 of the bank reserves is saved up and 1/3 is distributed as profit to the shareholders.

Performance fee is distributed to personnel at the rate appreciated by management.

Recruitment of personnel to our institutions is carried out after completion of interviews with at least 3 managers, and the close relatives of the company partners cannot be employed.

The Board of Directors meet with all shareholders once a month in a briefing meeting.

New initiatives, strategic issues are decided by presenting the views to all partners.

A monthly evaluation meeting is held with all the doctors.

Our institutions roll out the program of each year and apply the estimated budget before the new year. The objectives of our institutions is to be modern by continuously improvement